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According to Mojo™ co-founder Tim Beall, “When my wife and I first really started looking at the foods we were providing for our children, we were blown away by the amount of processed, artificial ingredients and pesticides that our foods contained. Turning to our own garden, we were determined to eliminate as many health risks as we could. Also, it would be a fun and educational project for our kids. We were disappointed to discover that despite it being a billion dollar industry, nobody was truly focused on providing a soil that was healthy, easy-to-use and grows big plants. It seemed so contradictory to what nature itself performs everyday. So we decided to team up with mother nature and create an all natural soil that would transform how we think about growing.”


The first step was pulling together a team of professional growers, microbiologists and environmentalists. This group identified several unique and essential attributes that an ideal soil contains. Armed with the belief that in order for a soil to be easy-to-use & all natural, it must be properly balanced with all essential nutrients. Using only organic raw materials to create this formula posed several challenges. Many organic raw materials tend to be inconsistent, unavailable locally and expensive. To overcome these hurdles the team looked to dairy manure. Dairy manure on its own is an imperfect solution, however, when combined with other all natural ingredients and ‘Mojo’ it became the perfect medium.  The final step was testing and refining the soil so it worked well for both commercial and at-home garden enthusiasts. Both groups demand consistent soil that produces big results.


Today, Mojo™ hopes to reshape how the industry looks at consumer-friendly all natural growing. “Our goal is to challenge the chemical and synthetic conglomerates into change. Force them to recognize that mother nature is still number one.”



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