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“Last year I used Mojo for the first time and my garden was amazing! I might have gotten carried away this year, I just went out and bought every bag in the store.  Send more please!” 
– Liz,






“I repotted my peace lily in Mojo and it has produced better foliage and blooms than ever before.”
– Pauline, Texas








“I’ve gardened for several years in various locations. This was the first year I tried Mojo and I feel that this year’s garden has been the most productive. Although some of my plants have been a little stunted due to the cool early summer temperatures, the output and quality of my vegetables has been wonderful. I’ve had complete strangers walk by our home and comment that I have the best and healthiest garden in the neighborhood. I have three 20’ raised beds where I have a 50-50 mix of top soil and Mojo. My garden has been weed and disease free. Home grown veggies are always better but this year the flavor has been exceptional. My garden includes tomatoes, peas, green beans, a variety of peppers, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, acorn squash, several lettuces, spinach, onions, carrots, and beets. Every one of them has done so well that next year I plan on expanding my garden to can and dehydrate for storage.”  Elaine Marcotte, Colorado

“I was given a bag of Mojo all natural garden soil, and I immediately fell in love with this product. I transplanted some house plants with it and they are thriving, and they require less water! I had a neighbor who was about to throw out a houseplant that she just couldn’t save. It was so anemic looking. I gave her some of my Mojo and suggested she completely repot the plant in it. The plant is now healthy and thriving. She absolutely loves the product and refuses to use anything else.

I found a small plant growing in the rocks in my front driveway and thought it looked like some type of flower, so I dug it up, planted it in Mojo in an old coffee canister that I punctured with drain holes. That little sprout grew into a gorgeous marigold plant with the prettiest blooms I have ever seen. It bloomed for me well into the fall.
I love this product. I am going to try some container gardening this summer, and I cannot wait to fill them with Mojo, and then enjoy eating the fruits of my labor.

This is a fantastic product, and I would and do recommend it to everyone.”
Jane, Colorado Springs




We have a problem. Mojo needs a warning label – “Warning: when planting in Mojo do NOT plant your plants at the recommended distance apart. Plants grown in Mojo will grow to 4 times their normal size. Space accordingly”! Oh my we planted too close together. The Mojo is making everything grow HUGE!!! The zucchini is taking over and we planted it 2 weeks ago!

I hope you realize that you have created Mojo addicts here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Once you plant in Mojo you can never plant in anything else!

Stacy, South Carolina




“Very excited to be using Mojo in our gardens. The results are absolutely amazing. All of our South Carolina friends can’t wait to use it in their home gardens. Looking forward to the day that it is sold here!”
Katie, Katie’s Krops



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