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Gardening Tips

Directions for Ammending Garden Soil:

MojoGro is a great way of adding nutrients, porosity, and organic matter to your soil!

Step 1

Use either a Shovel or Digging Fork to turn over existing soil.

Using a digging fork or spade is preferable to using a rototiller because they do a better job of fluffing up the soil.

Roto-tilling the soil is okay also, if you have a large area that needs to be done.

Roto-tilling though will cause some soil compaction at the bottom of where the blades dig, and why digging manually is the preferred method to use.

Step 2

Blend in Mojo with existing soil using a shovel or rototiller (big jobs).  Mojo provides healthy quantities of organic matter which provides the necessary food that earthworms need, why also adding porosity and water holding capacity to your soil.  Therefore, you want to mix up to 1:1 quantities of Mojo to existing soil and to a depth that most plant roots will grow.



Step 3

Stand back and admire your work!


Mojo can be used for potted plants also!




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