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Growing Trials

Professionally Conducted 7 Week Indoor Growing Trial Results

Why Trials Were Conducted

Have you ever been confused about soil? When you go to the store you have options to buy Organic, Synthetic & Composted Manure. Within those options you have more options, different brands, different sizes, different promises. Within those options you have even more options such for vegetables, ornamental flowers, perennials, shrubs & trees. The purpose of these trials was to bring clarity to what is important for you, the garden enthusiast.


Who Participated

Mojo was pitted against the current leaders in the soil industry, and other well-known commercial horticulture grade peat moss blends (those often being used when you purchase flowers at the store).


How Trials Were Conducted

These trials were conducted by professional growers who work in the horticulture industry. The trials were conducted indoors and outdoors under controlled environments. These trials lasted from 7 weeks to 12 weeks depending on plant type and size. All plants were given equal water, light & fertilizer applications. All participating soils were tested with both organic and chemical fertilizers. Results were verified and cross-checked by third party PhD’s.


Trial Results

ORGANIC MOJO dramatically outperforms the Best Selling Soils and Chemical Fertilizers.  Proving you don’t need chemical fertilizers to achieved best results!


Leading Brand Retail Soils’ grown plants were tested with both Liquid Chemical Fertilizer and Controlled Release Fertilizer versus Mojo™ in both Organic and Chemical Fertilizers. In both cases Mojo™ outperformed them by 2:1 (plant size) on average.

What it all means to you the consumer

The results illustrate that a well engineered compost soil (Mojo™) is all you need to produce consistent and better results across a wide variety of growing conditions. Also, these results appear to indicate that over time your results only improve using a well engineered compost soil. This is contrary to popular belief.


Please see additional research that was done comparing MOJO versus Hort Grade Peatmoss/Perlite with chemical wetting agents, lime, and micro-nutrients added.

Link to Research on Commercial Growing Results.doc






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