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Katie’s Krops

Katie's Krops

Katie's Krops

At a time when many people are concerned about the younger generation’s interest in eating vegetables, let alone growing them, it’s heart-warming to hear a story about a young person who’s gardening in earnest and changing lives at the same time.

Meet Katie Stagliano, 13, founder of Katie’s Krops in Summerville, South Carolina. She’s growing vegetables to feed the hungry and is inspiring other young gardeners while she’s at it.

Back in 2008, when Katie was just 9 years old, she brought home a small cabbage plant as part of Bonnie Plants’ 3rd Grade Cabbage Program. After carefully tending to her plant all summer, she had grown an impressive 40 pound cabbage. She donated the cabbage to a local soup kitchen, where it helped feed over 275 people. This experience inspired Katie to grow more vegetables to help feed people in need.

Fast forward almost four years. Katie is now an articulate teenager with a thriving non-profit organization that manages nearly 20 gardens to help feed the hungry through local shelters and soup kitchens. “I want more people to get involved, more people to help in the fight against hunger,” says Katie. “Growing vegetables is fun and it’s so great to help people. If I can do it, anyone can.”

Katie’s new goal is to have a Katie’s Krops garden in all 50 states. To help her mission, she’s started a grant program with the help of Opal Apple to offer grants to kids ages 9 to 16 to start vegetable gardens and donate their bounty to those in need.

Katie’s veggie gardening is earning widespread media coverage, including appearances on the Disney Channel, CNN, Everyday Health on ABC, and the Nate Berkus Show. The green industry is also pitching in to support Katie’s mission. After reading about Katie’s Krops in a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, Aaron Van Wingerden, owner of Dutch Heritage Gardens in Larkspur, Colorado, pitched in to help Katie’s dream of having a greenhouse come true. Van Wingerden shipped a 48-ft greenhouse from Colorado to South Carolina and then flew there himself to help Katie and her family construct the greenhouse at one of her garden sites. He also donated a variety of growing supplies, including 12 pallets of Mojo potting soil.

Katie’s Mojo Experiment

Hi Mr. Josh, I wanted to share our experiment with you. We are growing cabbages, some in Mojo, some in regular soil. They are the same type of cabbages, planted on the same day. Check out the photos! We LOVE Mojo!!!! Happy Growing, Katie

Katie's Krops -- Grown with Mojogro on the right

Katie's Krops -- Grown with Mojo on the right

Katie's Krops

Katie's Krops uses Mojo


What Katie Says About Mojo

“Very excited to be using Mojo in our gardens. The results are absolutely amazing. All of our South Carolina friends can’t wait to use it in their home gardens. Looking forward to the day that it is sold here!”
KatieKatie’s Krops

Help Support Katie’s Krops

Help support Katie Krops or consider supporting other programs in your region that help to inspire young gardeners.

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