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MojoGro Garden Soil is an all natural soil that has been tested for both potted plants and in the garden as a soil amendment. This product does contain controlled release fertilizer pellets made from urea, so it is not 100% certifiable Organic. This product is specially blended for maximizing nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.  It is also very long lasting, and will provide a good base in order to improve your soil year after year.


MojoGro Organic Potting Soil Currently in the final stages of certification with OMRI, this soil utilizes the same basic process as our Life-Cycle Soil. This soil contains organic bloodmeal as its source of nitrogen for maximizing plant growth. It is made up of 100% renewable and organic materials and is specially blended, adding balanced nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms. Additionally we have added perlite (heat expanded volcanic rock) to increase porosity levels necessary for ideal growth in pots and containers.


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WHY IS MOJO Different?

Mojo Gro utilizes a TWO STEP production process which combines materials derived from cellulose and lignin organic matter from forest, field, and farm.  These materials have MORE nutrients and LAST longer than other soil ammendments or potted growing media.

Our materials go through specialized heat and composting processes which destroys all weed seeds and pathogens …… before they are reblended and subjected to add’l processing techniques for stabilizing C:N ratios (carbon & nitrogen), pH, EC, macro, and micro nutrient levels.

MojoGro Soil Media uses natural beneficial soil microbes to do much of the work for us. We don’t use chemicals or materials generated from municipal waste treatment plants like the other guys, and this allows us to produce an affordable products that is “alive” with micro-organisms ideal for growing.  Beneficial Micro-Organisms are important for sustaining healthy soil and plant growth year after year.  These are the same micro-organisms that heavy chemical fertilizer use reduce ………. So, all the more important to add MojoGro to your soil.

WHY IS NUTRIENT Balancing Important?

Many people assume that having ENOUGH nutrients in their soil is the most important thing, and because of this they believe that MORE is always a good thing.  This is not always the case, because if you have TOO much of ONEnutrient it will oftentimes OVERPOWER another equally important nutrient.  MojoGro’s patented blend of soil media is specially formulated to not onlyADD EXTRA Nutrients, but also to add the RIGHT amounts of each nutrient for optimal growing.


Natural and Beneficial Soil Microbes provide the essential nutrients needed by Plants, by breaking down complex organic materials into nutrient forms that plants can absorb through their roots.  This process, is the natural lifecycle that has taken place in fields and forests throughout time, and allows for old plant matter which has fallen to the ground, to be used for next year’s growth.

Natural and Beneficial Soil Microbes PROTECT Plants and Roots from different types of disease like root rot, and other environmental pests such a nematodes in the soil.  Microbes work in many different ways.  Some microbes work by helping to add a protective shell like layer on the outside of roots (helping to protect them as a defensive wall), and others work by attacking other types of harmful bacteria and environmental pests such as nematodes (small microscopic organisms in nature).

WHAT OTHER BENEFITS does MojoGro Soil Provide?

MojoGro Soils are made from LONGER LASTING cellulose and lignin organic matter, which means they will be able to provide soil improvement benefits and additional nutrients for a longer time than other composts or soil made from Peat, Bark, Manure, and composted leaves.

MojoGro Soils hold 4X to 5X MORE WATER volume than natural soils, and is almost equal to 100% peat moss which doesn’t have perlite in it (Mojo Gro holds more water than most premium potting mixes).  This allows you to water less often, and still achieve optimal plant growth.

MojoGro Soils have a POROSITY of 79%, this is the same porosity level found in most PREMIUM Potting Soil Mixes that are a blend of Peatmoss and Perlite (heat expanded rock), these Potting Soil mixes though aren’t naturally high in nutrients like MojoGro and not an ideal soil ammendment for your garden.  Porosity is very important to plant growth, and one of the most important needs’ of plants to achieve optimal growth.

In addition to growing, high porosity soil is also much easier to weed, water, and hoe.  High Porosity allows water to perculate much more easily down deep into the soil (instead of pooling up on top and seeping in slowly).  It also, keeps the soil from getting hard and compacted and forming a crust layer which makes gardening a chore.

MojoGro Soils provide essential organic matter necessary for earth worms and soil microbes to live and feed on.  Adding Organic Matter to your soil allows it to regenerate naturally.

What Doesn’t MojoGro Soil Provide?

MojoGro is designed to help make your Watering, Weeding, and Growing Easier………… We aren’t able though to provide a substitute for Sun, Rain, and Care.

*High Yield Vegetable Crops and Commercial Growing will still require the additional applications of fertilizer like standard soil media, just not as much.



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