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Watering Instructions


It is important to note that when using Mojo™ Organic Potting Soil you should water less frequently then what you might be used to. This soil is purposely infused with natural wetting agents which holds moisture longer and allows the plant root to slowly and consistently take in water. This produces stronger and healthier root systems & plants. Over watering can damage the plant roots by allowing root rot to occur.


Here is a simple way to monitor your watering:


√ Check Moisture Weekly

√ Don’t Overwater (soil should be slightly moist, not saturated)

√ Water Half As Often (based on average results)

Why Mojo™ holds moisture longer

Mojo™ Organic Potting Soil was developed by professional horticulturists and biologists to hold moisture up to 50% longer than other potting soils. This is due to naturally occurring organic wetting agents. These wetting agents are produced by micro-organisms and infused into the soil.

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